Blogcritics Review—The Leopard Couch

Another praising review for The Leopard Couch by Sax Rohmer

can be found online over at Blogcritics.

leopard_couch_thumbnail_websiteThe reviewer writes: "The book provides a pleasurably moody selection of period fantasy along with the occasional traditional old school murder mystery.

Reading this  . . . has me also thinking about checking out Black Dog's first collection of Rohmer yarns, The Green Spider: and Other Forgotten Tales of Mystery and Suspense. With Leopard Couch labeled the second volume in "The Sax Rohmer Library," there's also the promise of further Black Dog Books in the future. For lovers of old-fashioned tales of mystery and imagination, this is good news indeed."

You may read Bill Sherman's review in its entirety here.



To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit the page listing for The Leopard Couch.