New Review—Empire In the Air


A new review of The Empire in the Air has been posted at Tangent Online.
The reviewer says: "The contemporary reader will have no trouble enjoying it .  . .

empire_thumbnail_website"A dandy read, infused with wild imaginings and theoretical science, wrapped in a taut thriller of alien invasion . . .

"It is to Black Dog Books publisher Tom Roberts' immense credit that he has given us this all-but-forgotten flight of scientific fancy, heretofore unpublished in book form since its magazine serialization nearly 100 years ago.

"For those who enjoy a page-turning, plot-oriented story filled with danger and high adventure regardless of genre, I recommend this novel. For SF insiders who appreciate the history of the genre, have read widely, but who wish to close gaps in their knowledge of seminal pre-genre works, then this book is for you as well."

You can read Dave's complete review here.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our listing for The Empire in the Air.