August 22, 2012, NORMAL, IL—Black Dog Books announced today an exclusive agreement with the heirs of L. Patrick Greene to represent the L. Patrick Greene Literary Trust and issue new collections of works by the author.

"We are extremely honored to enter into this agreement with the family to represent and publish these collections," said Black Dog Books publisher Tom Roberts. "A large portion of Greene's fiction was collected in a series of three dozen hardcover editions published solely in his native England. Long out of print, these will now be made available readers worldwide in both print and ebook editions."

Prior to undertaking a career as an author, L. Patrick Greene (1891-1971) spent four years "in-country" as a member of the Rhodesian Mounted Police. His experiences as a self-reliant constable fueled much of the African-set adventure fiction he would later pen, appearing in the all-fiction pulp magazines such as Short Stories, Adventure or Blue Book.

"While many writers followed in the footsteps of Kipling and other authors with their representation of British Colonial Africa, Greene is nearly unique in the fiction of the period in that he took a sympathetic viewpoint towards the plight of the indigenous peoples in his writings while Northern Europeans, seeped in the racially superior doctrine of the day, chose to exploit and belittle them," shared Roberts.

This viewpoint by Greene was not without reason. "As a young policeman Greene was injured while on patrol," Roberts continued, "and would likely have died were it not for the intersession of the Africans, who, at great personal hardship, transported Greene one hundred miles by foot to the nearest medical facility equipped to treat and save his life. Greene never forgot the debt he owed to the Africans, praised and uplifted the native people whenever possible for their generosity and knowledge of their land."

Black Dog Books' first release of Greene's fiction will be  Bartering the Souls of Men, the first of a two-book set collecting the adventures of South African mounted policeman "Dynamite" Drury.  Bartering the Souls of Men will be released in 2013 with a foreword by Stephen Greene.

A second volume of Greene's stories is now in preparation by Black Dog Books. Subsequent collections will follow.