David Hatcher Childress signs on with BDB

As seen on the History Channel . . .

David Hatcher Childress signs on with Black Dog Books to provide a foreword for the forthcoming title, L'Atlantide.

187dhchildressDavid Hatcher Childress is an explorer, author, publisher and world traveler. Called the real life "Indiana Jones," his writings focus on alternative history and historical revisionism and include topics on ancient archaeological sites, technology of the gods, lost cities, ancient astronauts, the Knights Templar and Nikola Tesla. Among his many books are Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & The Mediterranean (Adventures Unlimited Press, 1995) and Atlantis and the Power System of the Gods (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2002), co-authored with Bill Clendenon.

Featured in the History Channel's series "Ancient Aliens," Childress has also appeared on A&E, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, NBC and the Fox Network.

L'Atlantide, the award-winning and great adventure novel by Pierre Benoit, puts an interesting new turn onto the Atlantis story. Benoit set his ancient civilization in an inland sea. As this sea dries up due to climatic changes, Atlantis, instead of being swallowed up by the ocean in the traditional telling, is swallowed up by the sands of the North African desert.

"I've always liked the Atlantis in the Sahara theories and books," says David.

Visit David's website at www.DavidHatcherChildress.com.