What's New—4 New Titles Now Available


Black Dog Books Has Four New Titles Now Available.

The first batch of releases of our Spring 2013 titles are now ready for purchase. They include: The Samovar Girl by Frederick Moore, According to the Evidence by Hugh Pendexter, L'Atlantide (The Queen of Atlantis) by Pierre Benoit and The Saga of Thady Shea by H. Bedford-Jones.

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samovar_girl_thumbnail_websiteIn the grand tradition of Doctor Zhivago comes the sweeping story, The Samovar Girl by Frederick F. Moore.

After twenty years Fate has allowed Peter Petrovich to return to Mother Russia to seek vengeance on the man responsible for his father's death. In this land of revolution, where no one can be trusted, a beautiful samovar girl has uncovered his secret. Will she aid his quest? Or impede him? First time in paperback.


"A great deal of action."—Galveston Daily News


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according_to_the_evidence_thumbnail_websiteAccording to the Evidence by Hugh Pendexter collects the cases of eccentric attorney Ezra Stackpole Butterworth and his Bureau of Abnormal Litigation. First time in book form. With an introduction by Jeremiah Healy, award-nominated author of the John Cuddy mystery series and the Mairead O’Clare legal thriller series.

“A detective of fiction who has regrettably been forgotten, and whose exploits still make good, fruity reading. . . . We know you will enjoy [them] as much as we did.”—Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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latlantide_thumbnail_websiteL'Atlantide (The Queen of Atlantis) by Pierre Benoit

Winner of the Grand Prize of the French Academy. . . . Two French soldiers journey into the heart of the Sahara and stumble into the ancient kingdom of Atlantis. Eventually desiring to leave they discover they cannot escape the beguiling powers of the Queen of Atlantis!

The Black Dog Books edition will mark the first book appearance of the 1919 translation which appeared in Adventure magazine.

With a foreword by David Hatcher Childress, explorer and author, as seen on the History Channel.


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saga_of_thady_shea_cover_sample_thumbnail_websiteWhen down-and-out actor Thaddeus Shea is picked up off a desolate road in an ore-rich region of New Mexico, little does he realize he will be thrust into the middle of a struggle for mining rights between the local residents, a greedy and power-hungry land baron and an Eastern mining conglomerate.

How does the discovery and subsequent theft of seven stone statues—the Gods of the San Marcos, sacred mystic symbols to the local Navajo people—factor into the fight? Will the Gods of the San Marcos come to the rescue of their people? Will progress win out? Or will the people of the land prevail?

Discover the startling answer when opposing forces collide in The Saga of Thady Shea.


Watch for more new titles to be released in coming weeks, including: The Voice of Kali by Sax Rohmer (volume 3 in the Sax Rohmer Library series), The Air Trust by George Allan England, Beyond the Pole by Philip M. Fisher, Red Trails and The Shadow of the Tomahawk by Hugh Pendexter and more!

Plus . . . Volume 13 of Windy City Pulp Stories, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer and the 90th anniversary of the birth of the science fiction and fantasy magazines, will be on sale by mid April.