More New Titles now available


Four more new titles, including Rohmer, Pendexter and MacCreagh are now available for ordering . . .

bringing the total number of new title releases in March 2013 to eight.

This latest batch includes:

voice_of_kali_thumbnail_websiteTHE VOICE OF KALI by Sax Rohmer
With an introduction by William Patrick Maynard (The Destiny of Fu Manchu)

Collected for the first time comes this volume of strange happenings and weird mysteries. Paul Harley, the investigator of Chancery Lane, embarks to uncover the truth behind these seven odd and unexplainable murders.

Volume 3 of the Sax Rohmer Library series



Also newly released are the first three volumes in Black Dog Book's Hugh Pendexter Library series.
(All volumes authorized by the Hugh Pendexter Literary Trust.)


RED TRAILS by Hugh Pendexter
With an introduction by Troy D. Smith, PhD., Spur Award and Peacemaker Award winning author and historian.

red_trails_thumbnail_website1774 . . . with a revolution that would turn the world upside down looming in the near future . . .

In this panorama of early American life, the vast lands beyond the colonies were a rich vista, sprawling all the way to the Mississippi and filled with an abundance of resources and hardships for those brave enough to venture forth into the wilderness. These hardships would only be overcome by those who seized the opportunity with both hands and fought mightily for and sometimes against the land.

Armed with flintlock, knife, hatchet, and an unquenchable spirit, these pioneers trekked over the western slopes of the Alleghenies and into an unknown frontier filled with peril. In this overlooked period of U.S. history known as Dunmore's War, Native Americans aided by hostile European agents waged a bloody campaign in their effort to stop the expansion of the white settlers, and the fate of what might soon be a new nation hung in the balance.



shadow_of_the_tomahawk_thumbnail_websiteTHE SHADOW OF THE TOMAHAWK by Hugh Pendexter
With an introduction by Troy D. Smith, PhD., Spur Award and Peacemaker Award winning author and historian.


1774 . . . Blood spoils the solitude throughout the Ohio Valley . . .

An ongoing series of attacks has forced Lord Dunmore to declare a state of war between the
British colonists and the hostile Shawnee Nation. The settlers rally with flintlock and tomahawk, trying to protect both themselves and their hard-won lands, as the violence escalates into a fever pitch. Now the powder has been touched off when a handful of settlers discover that the Native Americans are but one of their hidden enemies along the frontier . . .



jehannum_smith_thumbnail_websiteTHE ADVENTURES OF JEHANNUM SMITH by Gordon MacCreagh
With an introduction by Tom Roberts

Journey in the land of the rajahs

A two-fisted living legend among the British residency, Jehannum Smith storms his way through a string of adventures set on the Indian subcontinent, barreling headlong into one trouble after another in these five exciting adventures!

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Watch for more great collections coming soon from Black Dog Books!