New Review—Adventures of Jehannum Smith


A new write-up appeared several week back on the site Pulp Flakes of our title, The Adventures of Jehannum Smith by Gordon MacCreagh.


jehannum_smith_thumbnail_websiteThe author writes: "These yarns have plenty of local colour, humor and well written action that seem to be made for the movies. If you're a fan of pulp action, you should definitely check this out. "

Thank you, Sai, for the write-up.

You may read his article in its entirety here.

Pulp Flakes has many pulp-related articles and wondeful reasearch about the writers and magazines of the all-fiction period. Be sure to make the time to give it a look.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy of this book, visit of our The Adventures of Jehannum Smith listing.