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Our HOT TITLE selection for November is According to the Evidence by Hugh Pendexter.

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Take the opportunity to enjoy this collection now offered at nearly a 30% savings off the cost!


“A detective of fiction who has regrettably been forgotten, and whose exploits still make good, fruity reading. . . . We know you will enjoy [them] as much as we did.”Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

According to the Evidence by Hugh Pendexter.


Before Perry Mason . . . there was the Bureau of Abnormal Litigation.

Assembled for the first time are the complete legal investigations of The Bureau of Abnormal Litigation series by Hugh Pendexter.

With stories collected from Saturday Evening Post, Blue Book, Adventure and Short Stories, among other sources, we are sure you will enjoy these delightful adventures of one of the first legal investigators  of the bizarre to appear in popular fiction.

With an introduction by Jeremiah Healy, legal professor and award-nominated author of the John Cuddy mystery series and the Mairead O’Clare legal thriller series.

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