Nebel, Daly, Worts and more now available


Black Dog Books Has Four New Titles Now Available.

The first batch of releases of our Spring 2014 titles are now ready for purchase. They include: Flame Island by Frederick Nebel, Race Williams' Double Date by Carroll John Daly, The Python Pit—The Return of Singapore Sammy by George F. Worts and The Johannesburg Conspiracy by William Murray Graydon


Flame Island by Frederick Nebel

Collecting the novellas "Malayan Peril," "Isle of Lost Men," "Devil's Souvenir" and "Flame Island," plus ten other action-packed works! With an introduction by Tom Roberts. Click here to learn more, or to purchase a copy.



Race Williams' Double Date by Carroll John Daly

For two and a half decades Carroll John Daly was a driving force in crime fiction, inventing the hard-boiled school of detection. Stories of his character Race Williams are unrivaled in their headlong pace and breathtaking action. Finally, nine of the best stories by one of the most influential detective writers of all time are collected in this volume showcasing his storytelling ability at its peak. Selected and with a foreword by Stephen Mertz. With an introduction by Evan Lewis. Click here to learn more, or to purchase a copy.



The Python Pit by George F. Worts

Singapore Sammy returns for another set of rough-and-tumble thrilling adventures through the Straits Settlements continuing his pursuit of his elusive father and the will to his grandfather's estate in these four thrilling novel-length works. Includes: "Sapphires and Suckers," "The Python Pit," "The Isle of the Meteor" and "A Whisker of Buddha."  With an introduction by Rick Lai. Click here to learn more, or to purchase a copy.



The Johannesburg Conspiracy—The Collected Adventures of Matthew Quin
by William Murray Graydon

Return to a time when the world was not fully mapped, the lure of adventure was strong and Africa was still the Dark Continent. Journey to the far corners of the globe in these 47 works as Matthew Quin, game hunter extraordinaire, discovers that vipers, scorpions, tigers and all manner of beasts often walk the Earth in the two-legged variety. With an introduction by Graydon authority Georges T. Dodds. Click here to learn more, or to purchase a copy.



Plus . . . Volume 14 of Windy City Pulp Stories, recognizing the detective pulps and celebrating the 85th anniversary of The Maltese Falcon and its creator, Dashiell Hammett, and recognizing the Western pulps and the 95th anniversary of the Western Story Magazine. Be sure to get your copy soon. Click here to learn more, or to purchase a copy.