New titles by Bedford-Jones, Pendexter & Nebel

BDB is pleased to announce its three latest  titles . . .

now available for order, including adventure, historical adventure and Western fiction.



Flamehair by H. Bedford-Jones is a classic adventure tale, sharing the story of a captured Saxon lad who finds himself thrust into the role of companion to the Viking destined to become the King of Norway. Out of print for 100 years, this novel is once again available!

If a tale of bloody Viking adventure rouses your blood, then Flamehair is the novel for you.




Whether set in the asphalt jungle or the frozen tundra, Frederick Nebel masterfully tells tales of conflight, lust and greed in these five previously uncollected short novels assembled in Forbidden River. Strap on  your muclucs and dash for the cover of the timber as the wind blows and the wolves howl in Forbidden River.




Hugh Pendexter was a recognized master of historical fiction and The Shorthorn Kid demonstrates his ability to create a great Western series as well. Peacemaker Award winner Wayne Dundee (Dismal River) provides an insightful introduction while Hugh Pendexter III in a foreword shares memories of childhood about his grandfather.