2014 Munsey Award Winner J. Randolph Cox

Congratulations to 2014 Munsey Award Winner J. Randolph Cox. An award well deserved.


2014 Munsey Award Winner J. Randolph Cox with Black Dog Books publisher Tom Roberts

For more than 45 years, Randy Cox has conducted research into pulp magazines and dime novels. He served as the editor-publisher of Dime Novel Round-Up for over twenty years. His bibliography, Man of Magic & Mystery: A Guide to the Work of Walter B. Gibson, is an excellent resource for those seeking greater understanding of the work of the man who created The Shadow. With David S. Siegel, Randy authored Flashgun Casey: Crime Photographer, a book-length study of the character originally created for Black Mask by George Harmon Coxe. Other books he has authored include Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography and The Dime Novel Companion: A Source Book. Randy recently donated his collection of comic books and newspaper strips, fanzines, pulps, series books, story papers, and other materials to the University of Minnesota Libraries and his extensive collection of Walter Gibson books and Shadow pulps and comics to Gibson's alma mater, Colgate University. (Biography courtesy of www.pulpfest.com)

The Munsey Award is annually presented to a deserving individual who has given of himself or herself for the betterment of the pulp community, be it through disseminating knowledge about the pulps, publishing pulp reprints, new pulp fiction, a website, or a periodical about the pulps, or similar efforts to preserve and foster interest in the pulp magazine era. Nicknamed the Munsey, this prestigious prize bears the name of the man who published the first all-fiction pulp magazine, Frank A. Munsey. It was with The Argosy, in October 1896, that the pulp magazine was born.