New Titles for December 2014

BDB is pleased to announce its two newest  titles . . .

. . . now available for order.

THE TREASON TRUSTtreason_trust_cover_slideshow_website
The Lost Craig Kennedy Stories by Arthur B. Reeve

With an introduction by J. Randolph Cox.

Before CSI, there was Craig Kennedy, the most famous "scientific detective" of all time.

Follow Kennedy, known as "the American Sherlock Holmes," as he unravels a web of dope, kidnapping and white slavery in "The Abduction Club," deciphers the case of "The Stolen War Secret," and battles espionage, duplicity and treachery while helping to protect the American home front in "The Treason Trust," "The Film Murder," "The Star-Shell" and "The Love Game."

Extremely popular when written, this is the first book appearance of these novellas and short stories in their original form since their initial publications.


WOMEN ARE THAT WAY by David H. Keller, MD
With an introduction by Gene Christie.

Descend into a world of depravity and glimpse into the most bizarre tales imaginable, showcasing Keller as a master of psychological horror.

  • Who would kidnap thirty-three pathetic microcephalons-and for what perverse goal?
  • Is the ancient axe truly cursed? Will its new owner be forced to re-enact a tragic past?
  • What strange magic allows the beautiful showgirl to maintain her youth and beauty for decades for a lustful audience?
  • Why did Johnson falsely report to police that he had brutally murdered his spouse?
  • What final inconvenience did the ungrateful husband cause for his domineering wife?