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Adventure first appeared in November1910. Quickly attracting top name authors, it soon became renowned for publishing the type of fiction its name implied. It grew into a powerhouse in the genre fiction field, particularly during the 17 year period from 1911 to 1927 when it was edited by Arthur Sullivant Hoffman, and was later dubbed by Time magazine, the "No. 1 Pulp." Paying top rates, at times published as frequently as thrice per month, a crack editorial staff—which for years included Pulitzer Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis—published adventure fiction in all genres from the top authors of the day, including Talbot Mundy, Rafael Sabatini, H. Rider Haggard and Harold Lamb, along with Pulitzer winner T.S. Stribling. While many of its stories were singled out for inclusion in "best story of the year" anthologies during its heyday, or have been reprinted in single author collections, with the exception of a single anthology (published in 1927) there has not been an anthology devoted exclusively to the best fiction published in Adventure.

With the advent of THE BEST OF ADVENTURE series, Black Dog Books aims to change that. Under the series editorship of pulp historian Doug Ellis, THE BEST OF ADVENTURE series will consist of a series of "Best of" anthologies culled from the pages of Adventure. Volume 1 of this series, featuring two dozen stories culled from the 26 issues and over 500 stories published from November 1910 through December 1912, will see print later in 2010, marking the 100th anniversary of Adventure. Volume 2 of this series, also in production, will reprint Adventure's best stories from 1913-1914, while Volume 3 will cover 1915-1916. Future volumes will continue chronologically.

In addition to the THE BEST OF ADVENTURE series, Black Dog Books is also launching a related line, THE ADVENTURE LIBRARY, which will print single author collections of rare but deserving stories from the pages of Adventure. The first of these, The Black Death by Marion Polk Angellotti is now available, and future volumes will include The Decree of Allah by George E. Holt and King Corrigan's Treasure by H.D. Couzens.

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