Behold: The Best of Adventure


The Best of Adventure—A review by John J. Miller

best_of_adv_v1_thumbnail_websiteBehold: The Best of Adventure
December 4, 2010
by John J. Miller

The pulp magazines of the early 20th century were full hack writing, but also the works of writers such as Harold Lamb, H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Howard—men with powerful imaginations and the ability to tell good stories. One of the top pulps was Adventure, which began publishing almost exactly a hundred years ago (November 1910) and continued to 1953 for a total of 753 issues. Sinclair Lewis was once an editor. Most of the magazine's contents are forgettable, but there are plenty of diamonds in the rough. Black Dog Books, an independent publisher, is now putting out The Best of Adventure, a series of books that collect the greatest hits. The first volume, which covers 1910 to 1912, has just come out. It includes stories by William Hope Hodgson, Talbot Mundy, Damon Runyon, and Rafael Sabatini. Geeks like me will regard it as a treasure trove.

John J. MIller

This review originally appeared at National Review Online.

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