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Normal, IL—

Black Dog Books is set to launch a new line of critical studies centered on genre fiction from the golden era of the pulp magazines.

"Black Dog Books is pleased to offer these new and exciting titles to our readers. These quality nonfiction titles add a new supportive dimension to BDB's entire lineup," stated publisher Tom Roberts. "The addition of critical studies and other nonfiction works will allow us to expand our audience to include the academic and library markets and create an even greater following of our products showcasing the influence on popular culture of this type material."men_who_made_web_thumbnail

Early titles in this new line will include The Men Who Made the Argosy, a collection of biographical and autobiographical essays about the writers and artists that contributed to Argosy magazine, and Night Master, a critical study of the The Shadow magazine and its creators by Robert Sampson.

Black Dog Books has been publishing vintage fiction since 1997. Many of its titles are works appearing in book form for the first time, including collections by classic authors such as The Good Die Young by Cornell Woolrich, or genre authors such as The Silver Menace by Murray Leinster, and Dead Men's Bones by Lester Dent (Doc Savage).

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Normal, IL—

Black Dog Books has released volume three in a new series reprinting the early works of Talbot Mundy, legendary author of classic adventure novels and military tales recounting the glory days of the British Empire. (Volumes 1 and 2 are still in preparation.)

The first volume, A Transaction in Diamonds: Talbot Mundy in the Pulps, 1911, will collect all of the stories and articles published by Mundy during his first year as a professional writer, with a new introduction by Brian Taves, author of Talbot Mundy–Philosopher of Adventure.

The second, The Soul of a Regiment: Talbot Mundy in Adventure, 1912, contains the bulk of his sales during that year to the Adventure pulp magazine, his primary outlet during this period.

Later volumes will include introductions by Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas and Doug Ellis.

"The Talbot Mundy Library will bring back into print virtually all of the stories and articles from approximately the first ten years of Mundy's career," notes Black Dog Books publisher Tom Roberts. "€Most of the these works have been out of print for decades, and many have never been reprinted since their first appearance in the magazines nearly a hundred years ago."€ (Roberts is also the author of Alex Raymond: His Life and Art (Adventure House, 2008), the first detailed biography of the creator of Flash Gordon and other classic comic strips.)

Pulp historian Gene Christie will serve as the series editor. In addition to appearances in American pulp magazines, Christie says, the library will include rare works from British publications, the Saturday Evening Post, the New York Times and other sources.

Black Dog Books has scheduled the following eight volumes in the Talbot Mundy Library, including collections of two limited series—the Billy Blain boxing stories (1912–16), and the adventures of Dick Anthony of Arran as he battles the forces of the Russian Czar (1914–15). Neither series has been previously collected.


Vol. 1— A Transaction in Diamonds: Talbot Mundy in the Pulps, 1911. With an introduction by Brian Taves.—NOW AVAILABLE!

Vol. 2—The Soul of a Regiment: Talbot Mundy in Adventure, 1912.

Vol. 3—In a Righteous Cause: Talbot Mundy in Adventure, 1913. With an introduction by Peter Beresford Ellis.—NOW AVAILABLE!

Vol. 4—The Letter of His Orders: Three Short Novels from Adventure, 1913. With an introduction by Gerry Conway.—NOW AVAILABLE!

Vol. 5— Love and War: The Battles of Billy Blain.

Vol. 6—The Sword of Iskander: The Adventures of Dick Anthony of Arran. With an introduction by Doug Ellis.

Vol. 7—A Soldier and a Gentleman: Talbot Mundy in Adventure, 1914–1918. With an introduction by Will Murray.—Coming Soon!

Vol. 8—From Hell, Hull and Halifax: Stories and Articles by Talbot Mundy, 1909–1919.