Review of the week, March 17, 2010

Another nice review of one of our recent titles appeared over at James Reasoner's blog, "Rough Edges." This time he was discussing Bodyguard by Roger Torrey. Thanks for the write up James.

The Quest for Adventure


Since its publication last fall, The Golden Goshawk has continued to be among our strongest sellers, lending credence to the belief that the adventure story market is still alive. I hope so. We all can still use a little escapism now and then.


bama_art_bookI no longer seem to have the 1960s paperback edition I read, but the dustjacket of the first edition is not very enticing to the excitement found within the book's pages.

And while I did not read the novel until adulthood, as a youth I did see Disney's Treasure Island with Robert Newton, and thought, "What a grand and glorious and life . . . to be a pirate." The glitter of gold, ahhh.

If you've not read an adventure story in a while; or if you are under the impression that such fiction is old and creaky; or if you think they are just simple-minded and unsophisticated, not complex and interwoven such as a mystery story, give one a try. It might surprise you. And you may find yourself sucked up and along for the ride too!




Welcome to Our New Website

bdb_logo_initialsWelcome to the new Black Dog Books website, designed to be attractive and easy to use.

It sports many extended features, including:

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2010 will prove to be a superior year for Black Dog Books.

Onward and upward!

Tom Roberts, Publisher