BDB Shout Out for Empire of the Devil


A shout out appears this morning at Davy Crockett's Almanack for our recent title Empire of the Devil.

empire_of_the_devil_thumbnail_websiteThey write:

"... Lucky for us Nebel fans, more and more of his pulp work is finally being reprinted. . . .  I jumped right into the new Black Dog Books collection, Empire of the Devil, and read a fine short novel from Action Stories called "Seas of Chance." This one follows two salty adventurers from Singapore to Borneo in search of a treasure in jewels, with two gangs of villains out to stop them. And that's just the beginning. The collection includes four more short novels, three shorter adventures, the most complete Nebel bibliography ever compiled, an informative introduction by Tom Roberts, and even a brief Nebel biography by Evan Lewis."

You may read the entire posting here.

Thanks, Dave.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy visit our Empire of the Devil listing.