Shout Out for Shock Troops


Davy Crockett's Almanack gives a shout out for our recent title, Shock Troops of Justice by Robert R. Mill.

shock_troops_thumbnail_websiteThe reviewer writes: "Tom Roberts, publisher of Black Dog Books, does us all a great service by rescuing forgotten stories by pulp legends like Lester Dent, Frederick Nebel and Talbot Mundy. But he also brings to light a lot of great work by guys I never heard of—like Robert R. Mill.

"Shock Troops of Justice collects twelve stories that appeared in Blue Book between 1935 and 1938, all focusing on Duke Ashby of the F.B.I. The most shocking thing about them is that they were far more realistic than other crime stories of the day."

You may read the entire review here.

Thank you, Dave.

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, visit our listing for Shock Troops of Justice.