Forbidden River by Frederick Nebel


Five Novels of Conflict in the Frozen North

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The North brings gold and cold death in these five thrilling novels.

The Black Dog Books Frederick Nebel Library, Volume 4

  • Wolves of the Wild—When German Herman Stoltz is found dead, murdered for his share of the Hell’s Bells gold, a chain of events is unleashed to bring the killers to frozen Yukon justice.
  • A Gambler Passes—Jack Cardigan tears across the icy barrens, racing against time to save a friend while trying to avoid the pursuers set on hanging him for a crime he did not commit.
  • Forbidden River—Accidentally falling from a train in a remote part of the North Country, Berens finds himself thrust into a mystery of intrigue, deception and murder, stretching from Chicago to the frigid wastes of Forbidden River.
  • The Roaring Horde—Former lawmen John Sabbath and Clint Edwards agree to lead a party of settlers on the arduous journey to the mining community of Hardtack Flat. But greedy miners are determined to keep all new settlers out—by any means!
  • Gold!—A mob, fueled by lies and distrust, rushes the bank of Rainbow City, attempting to seize its gold reserves. Rainbow City founder Brant Winters battles to keep his bank and town intact while fighting to discover who his hidden enemy is.

Edited and with an introduction by Tom Roberts.


First book publication

Trade paperback / 258 pages

Cover art by Jerome G. Rozen.


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

“Another great collection of forgotten stories from Black Dog Books.”

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