In the Grip of the Minotaur by Farnham Bishop and Arthur G. Brodeur


“If you like reading Robert E. Howard, Harold Lamb, Talbot Mundy, Rafael Sabatini, etc, this book is for you.”—Morgan Holmes, scholar of the sword and sorcery genre

Return to the world of the Ancient Mediterranean, a place where men carved empires with their bronze swords and braved any danger for gold. It is here that the cities of Troy and Crete clash, their fates resting in the hands of:

Ragnarr—the blonde, steel-thewed Warrior Prince of the Northern lands. He is the wielder of Tyrfing, the sword forged by the Gods. Ragnarr leads a daring band of Northmen who are ready to face any danger, fight any foe, and die in the service of their Prince.

King Minos—King of the Island Empire of Crete, the Mistress of the Mediterranean. His mighty fleets rule the waves, exacting tribute from all lands. Minos ruthlessly suppresses any dissent. His enemies meet their deaths at the hands of the Minotaur.

King Dardanus—the King of Troy, who chafes at his vassalage to King Minos. He hopes to use the Northern Prince for his own gain.

Ilia—beautiful daughter of King Dardanus. She gives her heart to one prince, but is loved by two.

Ambrogeos—Prince of Crete, first-born of King Minos. His love of Ilia and hatred of Ragnarr will engulf the Mediterranean world in an orgy of death and destruction.

Ariadne—Princess of Crete, beautiful High Priestess of the Goddess. She is torn between her love of her country and her love for her country’s greatest enemy.


The Minotaur—horrific beast of legend, to whom the enemies of King Minos are sacrificed in bloody religious rights.

Filled with intrigue, raids, and exciting battles on land and at sea, In the Grip of the Minotaur will thrill lovers of historic adventure!

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 196 pages

Cover art by William Soare.


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

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“This book is a charming antique. First serialized in 1916 in the pulp magazine Adventure, it belongs to the same era as the Mars books of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the African adventures of H. Rider Haggard. They don’t write them like this any more. I smiled all the way through.”—Bruce Macbain, Historical Novels Review, November 2010

About the Authors

First serialized in Adventure in 1916, In the Grip of the Minotaur marked the first collaboration between Farnham Bishop and Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur. In addition to being fine fiction writers, both were very capable historians—Bishop would write non-fiction books on the Panama Canal, submarines and the U.S. wars with Mexico, while Brodeur would become a professor at University of California Berkeley, translate Norse prose eddas and gain scholarly recognition for his work on “Beowulf”.

In writing In the Grip of the Minotaur, they drew upon their backgrounds and research abilities to create a believable tale of historical high adventure.