Pulp Vault No.14/15 by Doug Ellis (editor)

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The legendary pulp fanzine returns with its largest and best issue yet!

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After a 15 year hiatus, the legendary pulp fanzine, Pulp Vault returns with its largest and best issue yet! With contributions by Robert Weinberg, Mike Ashley, Will Murray, David Saunders, Hugh B. Cave, and others.

Clocking in at over 250 pages this is sure to be a must-have edition. Lavishly illustrated, Pulp Vault no. 14/15 begins with a never before published full color cover by pulp great Virgil Finlay!

Inside, it’s packed with great articles about, and fiction from, the pulps, including:

  • “Blue Book—The Slick In Pulp Clothing” by Mike Ashley
  • “The Strange Stories That Never Was” by Robert Weinberg
  • “The Thrill Book Story” by Will Murray
  • “The Saga of Singapore Sammy” by Rick Lai
  • “One Hundred Years of Norman Saunders” by David Saunders
  • “Introducing Cyrus North” by D.H. Olson
  • “One Old-Timer’s View of the Pulps“ by Hugh B. Cave
  • “The Outsider—And No Others” by Robert Barbour Johnson
  • “Twenty-Five Years of Glory!” by J. Edward Leithead
  • “Franklyn E. Hamilton” by Link Hullar
  • “Covering the Man of Bronze” by Doug Klauba
  • “Painting the Man of Bronze” by Tom Roberts

Special Fiction Section

  • “The Splendor of Asia” by L. Adams Beck—A complete adventure-packed novel set high in the snowy passes of the Himalayan mountains. Lost cities, fabled treasures, the hideous Things that Run!
  • “The Flaming Skull” by Hugh B. Cave—One of Cave’s favorite jungle adventure tales, and one which has never before been reprinted.
  • “The Giant and the Dinosaur” by Donald Wandrei—A previously unpublished novelette of Wandrei’s scientific detective, Cyrus North returns in one of his strangest cases!

Plus more!

  • —Other articles by SF/comic great Otto Binder on one of early SF fandom’s great trips!
  • —Never-before-seen photos from the 1939 World Science Fiction Convention in New York!
  • —An index to the rare pulp Fighting Romances from the West and East!
  • —Art by Kevin Duncan and David Saunders!

First publication.

Oversized paperback / 264 pages

Cover art by Virgil Finlay.

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