Race Williams’ Double Date by Carroll John Daly

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Race Williams returns


“It’s fascinating to read these compelling, powerful stories from the father of the private eye genre, written in the shadow of his successful son, Mickey Spillane.”—Max Allan Collins, Edgar Award winning author of Road to Perdition

“Two men invented the hard-boiled detective story: Carroll John Daly and Dashiell Hammett.”—Lee Server, Danger Is My Business

For two and a half decades Carroll John Daly was a driving force in crime fiction, inventing the hard-boiled school of detection. Stories of his character Race Williams are unrivaled in their headlong pace and breathtaking action.

Finally, nine of the best stories by one of the most influential detective writers of the past century are collected in this volume showcasing his storytelling ability at its peak.

Selected and with a foreword by Stephen Mertz.

Introduction by Evan Lewis.


  • Foreword by Stephen Mertz
  • Introduction by Evan Lewis
  • This Corpse On Me
  • Avenging Angel
  • Race Williams Double Date
  • Murder Yet To Come
  • This Corpse Is Free!
  • Gas
  • Manhunter
  • You’ll Remember Me
  • I’ll Feel Better When You’re Dead


  • The Ambulating Lady

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Trade paperback / 268 pages

Cover design by Tom Roberts

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