The Black Death by Marion Polk Angellotti

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The saga of Sir John Hawkwood and the adventures of the White Company

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Scheming dukes, rival princes and powerful ladies of court all add to the plotting and intrigue of these swashbuckling adventures!

Follow along on a string of adventures set against the backdrop of the wars between the Italian city-states in the late 1380s loosely inspired by the life of real soldier-of-fortune Sir John Hawkwood.

For the first time in one volume is Marion Polk Angellotti’s complete saga of the English mercenary, collecting the complete nine-story series from the pages of Adventure magazine.

Edited and with an introduction by Doug Ellis.


  • Introduction by Doug Ellis
  • Sir John Hawkwood: A Tale of the White Company in Italy
  • An Intrigue in Padua
  • The Poisoned Peril
  • The Plot of Signor Salvi
  • The Day of all Fools
  • Orders Gray
  • The Treason at Castle Guardia
  • The Cardinal’s Sack
  • The Black Death
  • Afterword

First book publication

Trade paperback / 248 pages

Cover art by Arthur Beecher


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

“Ms. Marion Polk Angellotti has written one of the best attempts to bring Sir John Hawkwood to the modern audience (1930’s). Anyone who enjoys adventure should buy this book.”

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