The Man From Hell by Arthur Leo Zagat


Lovers of horror stories—don’t miss this one!

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Arthur Leo Zagat writing as Morgan le Fay

—A corpse thrust forth from its grave . . .

—A bewitching Lolita who steals an artist’s soul . . .

—Lovers reincarnated after centuries to resume their forbidden affair . . .

—A strange coffin aboard a honeymoon cruise . . . .

These are but a few of the weird mysteries prowling forth from their sepulchral gloom in The Man From Hell.


  • Cargo For Hell
  • Graveyard Honeymoon
  • Her Demon Lover
  • Goat Lord of Lussac
  • Hell’s Anteroom
  • The Sharp Teeth of Satan
  • The Man From Hell
  • By Subway to Hell
  • The Horror in the Crib

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 132 pages

Cover art by Rudolph Belarski.


Multiple reviews on Amazon.

“This is a great collection of fast paced and lurid horror short stories with a heavy emphasis on action and creepy atmosphere.”

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