The Man Who Found Zero by Gene Christie (editor)


More of Your Great-Grandparents’ Science Fiction!

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Decades before the advent of Weird Tales in 1923 and Amazing Stories in 1926, weird fantasy and science fiction was appearing regularly in the pages of popular American publications, included as a part of the routine mix of mysteries, adventures, romances, humor, Westerns and other types of stories. These 24 uncut gems of the fantastic have been separated from the chaff of their long-forgotten companions in the pages of The Black Cat and are now available for the first time in three generations!

Following in the literary footsteps of The Space Annihilator: Early Science Fiction from The Argosy, 1896-1910, literary sleuth Gene Christie has unearthed another collection of the imaginative, science-fictional stories your great-grandparents enjoyed long before the term “science fiction” was conceived.

Selected and with an introduction by Gene Christie.


  • (Introduction) Forgotten Pioneers of Science Fiction and Weird Fantasy by Gene Christie
  • The Mysterious Card by Cleveland Moffett
  • A Mental Mischance by Thomas F. Anderson
  • My Invisible Friend by Katherine Kip
  • Tunnel Number Six by Eugene Derby
  • Bigler’s Barometer by Sam Davis
  • The Cross of Fire by Bert Leston Taylor and Edward Ward
  • A Thousand Deaths by Jack London
  • The Transposition of Stomachs by Charles E. Mixer
  • On the Turn of a Coin by Cleveland Moffett
  • The Annihilator of the Undesirable by Clifford Howard
  • In an Unknown World by John Durworth
  • When Time Turned by Ethel Watts Mumford
  • In the Sierra Madres by Newton Newkirk
  • A Witch City mystery by Frederick van Rensselaer Day
  • The Invisible City by Frank Lillie Pollock
  • The Man Who Found Zero by Lon Arnold
  • The Cold Storage Baby by Eva L. Ogden
  • A Bride in Ultimate by Don Mark lemon
  • The Skyscraper in B Flat by Frank Lillie Pollock
  • Where is Robert Palmer by I. Crane Clark
  • A Rule that worked Both Ways by Octavio Zollikoffer Bund
  • A Man and a Mermaid by W. George Gribbble
  • The Mansion of Forgetfulness by Don Mark Lemon
  • John Jones’ Dollar by Harry Stephen Keller


  • Jack London and The Black Cat

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 168 pages

Cover art by Leo Morey.

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