The Samovar Girl by Frederick F. Moore

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A Dramatic Novel of Revolutionary Russia

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“Might make a good movie.”—Literary Review

“A great deal of action.”—Galveston Daily News

“A tale that is distinctly new in setting and treatment.”—Oakland Tribune

In the grand tradition of Doctor Zhivago comes Frederick F. Moore’s sweeping story, The Samovar Girl. When eight-year-old Peter Peterovich watches his father’s brutal murder before his very eyes, his heart is set to vengeance. Fate whisks Peter far away, to the strange land of the United States, where he is raised as an American. But the bitterness in his frozen Siberian heart never leaves him.

Now, twenty years later, Fate has allowed him to return to Mother Russia to seek his revenge. But a beautiful samovar girl was not something he factored into his plans. She has uncovered his secret. Will she aid his quest or impede him? In this land of upheaval, where no one can be trusted, find out the answers in this dramatic novel.

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 154 pages

Cover design by Tom Roberts.


A Five Star review on Amazon.

“My purchase of this book had nothing to do with any familiarity of Frederick F.Moore. I purchased solely on the strength of the Black Dog Book line of pulp reprints. And this one delivers. . . . Highly Recommended.”

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