The Surgeon of Souls by Robert Leslie Bellem


. . . and other tales of terror

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“You must cast out your cancer of hate!” warned the mysterious Dr. Zarkov. “You must forgive this girl or she will cause your death!” But Bannister wouldn’t listen. A woman had betrayed him—now she must suffer!

Dr. Zarkov, the Surgeon of Souls, phantasmagorically appears to those who find themselves at a moral crossroads, offering an alternative ethical and healthy course of action. He wants to remove the cancerous tumors—hate, envy, lust, greed—from their souls so they may find peace . . . and redemption.

Regardless of his counsel, in the end they must choose for themselves the course of their actions. Will those to whom Zarkov speaks adhere to his advice? Or will they risk the consequences?


  • Introduction by Alfred Jan
  • Surgeon of Souls
  • Bitter Reckoning
  • 30 Seconds
  • Death’s Detour
  • Gallows Heritage
  • Strange Journey
  • Dark Eyes of Hell
  • The Executioner
  • About the author by Tom Roberts

First book publication

Trade paperback / 124 pages

Cover design by Tom Roberts


“Damn, I am in heaven. A new Bellem collection. . . . [Bellem] was an excellent plotter who could tell a ripping story.”—Cemetery Dance

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