The Threat of the Robot and Other Nightmarish Futures by David H. Keller, MD


The Nightmare Futures of David H. Keller

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About the Author

“His tales are convincing . . . and memorable.”—Capital Times

“. . . powerful . . . imaginative and rigorous in logic. . . .”—Everett Bleiler

“[Keller’s] tales again and again show a heartfelt admiration for scientific research, and the aid it has given to humanity. His fight is against the effort to change man into a precise scientific instrument. He believes all such attempts will end in tragedy. Science, he believes, should be an aid, a help, constructed to serve, not command obedience from man. No scientific advancement merely for the sake of science, but for the sake of man!”—Sam Moskowitz

Travel to nine dystopian tomorrows, where current trends threaten the very existence of mankind.

A time when robots threaten to throw millions of workers into unemployment
A world where everyone lives 24 hours a day in individual automobiles
A city so crowded that people make their homes in never-landing airplanes
A program that selectively breeds office workers for maximum efficiency
A more totalitarian society than 1984 and Brave New World

The Threat of the Robot is the first new collection of Keller’s stories in over thirty years, and marks the first book publication for most of these works.

Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie.


  • (Introduction) “If This Goes On . . .” by Gene Christie
  • The Revolt of the Pedestrians
  • The Eternal Professors
  • The Psychophonic Nurse
  • White Collars
  • The Threat of the Robot
  • Service First
  • Stenographer’s Hands
  • The Living Machine
  • A Biological Experiment

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 170 pages

Cover design by Tom Roberts.

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