The Trail of Blood by Murray Leinster


Journey with master storyteller.

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From the arid desert to the arctic wastes, adventure takes many paths. Journey with master storyteller Murray Leinster as he guides the reader on a series of thrilling exploits in remote locales around the globe.

  • Ju-Ju—A novel-length adventure of weird magic on the Dark Continent, reprinted from the legendary Thrill Book.
  • The Trail of Blood—Along a jungle route bathed in scarlet did Wellington follow a long path of conquest.
  • Tuilagi—Little did Wade know when he sought refuge on this island of beauty how close behind death lurked.
  • Jungle Stream—Life was never the same after Hepple and Schmidt steamed the Mariposita up the Amazon.
  • Sharks—A man learns that in the South Seas one has to be wary of shark —not only the finned kind, but the human kind as well.

These and fifteen other pulse-pounding tales are collected, many for the first time, in The Trail of Blood.

With an introduction by Garyn G. Roberts, PhD.


  • (Introduction) Lost Treasures from a Master: The Early Adventure Fiction of Will F. Jenkins by Garyn Roberts
  • Ju-Ju
  • The Seventh Bullet
  • The Man Who Went Black
  • Rose o’Sharon
  • Island Honor
  • The Red Stone
  • Sharks
  • The Man Who Didn’t Shoot
  • The Trail of Blood
  • Tuilagi
  • Jungle Stream
  • According to the Directory
  • The God Who Carried a Cane
  • The Village of the Devil-Devil Drums
  • Gun Cargo
  • Payung
  • Maehoe
  • White-Man-Devil
  • The Boast of Mat Drus
  • Borneo Devils


First book publication.

Trade paperback / 364 pages

Cover art by Tom Roberts.

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