War-Nymphs of Venus by Ray Cummings


The Complete Planet Stories Tales

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“One of the great names in his field.”—Sam Moskowitz

Journey to worlds afar and combat space pirates, find a new utopian world shrouded in fear, follow an interstellar bounty hunter on his obsessive task, see man’s conquest of a frozen planet fail, and witness the Shadow Squad battle a new and unknown enemy.

This volume collects the complete contributions to Planet Stories by one of the pioneers in the science fiction genre, and includes such previously uncollected works.

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Included are:

  • Introduction by Tom Roberts
  • Monster of the Asteroid
  • The Phantom of the Seven Stars
  • The Man Who Killed the Earth
  • The Girl From Infinite Smallness
  • Revolt in the Ice Empire
  • Space-Liner X-87
  • The Star Master
  • The Flame Breathers
  • Juggernaut of Space
  • Space-Wolf
  • Gods of Space
  • The Little Monsters Come
  • War-Nymphs of Venus

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 360 pages

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