Web of the Sun and The Green Splotches by T.S. Stribling


Two strange tales of scientific adventure.

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“Outstanding, combining adventure, mystery, suspense, fine dialog, biting satire, philosophic asides and frequent wit. . . .”—Sam Moskowitz on “The Green Splotches”

Journey to the far reaches of the Andes of South America to uncover two startling mysteries by Pulitzer Prize winner T.S. Stribling.

What can be the source of the perplexing green splotches?

How many have falling victim to the beguiling lure of the Web of the Sun?

Two short novels of scientific adventure!


  • Introduction by Richard A. Moore
  • The Green Splotches
  • Web of the Sun
  • An Autobiographical Sketch of T.S. Stribling (1930)

First book publication

Trade paperback / 200 pages

Cover art by Tom Roberts


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

“Both are exciting and end with a twist.”

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