Windy City Pulp Stories No.09 by Tom Roberts (editor)


An in-depth look at the Spicy line of publications.


Celebrating the Culture/Trojan line of Spicy pulps.

A must have collectible for anyone who appreciates the pulp magazine era and its history!


The Spicy Magazines

  • “An Informal History of the Spicy Pulps,” by Will Murray
  • “From Spicy to Bland,” by Alfred Jan
  • “The Spicy Adventurers,” by Will Murray
  • “The Saga of Wild Bill Clanton and Two Gun Bob,” by Morgan Holmes
  • “The Spicy Westerners,” by Will Murray
  • “The Spicy Sleuths,” by Will Murray

The Spicy Artists

  • “A Profile of Alan Anderson,” by David Saunders
  • “Damsels In Distress: The Art of H.J. Ward,” by Neil Mechum
  • “A Profile of Howard Parkhurst,” (1935) by Wilton Mathews
  • “A Short Look at the Career of Howard Parkhurst,” by Tom Roberts

Of Other Interest

  • 2008 Lamont Award Recognition
  • 1939 Letter from Frank Armer to Howard Wandrei
  • “Close Up: Frank Armer—Pulp Potentate” (1944 trade journal article)
  • “The Five C’s of Detective Writing,” by Frank Armer
  • “Markets in False Face,” by O. Foerster Schully
  • “More from the Writers Magazines—Spicy Market Tips,” by Gene Christie

Artist Spotlight

  • “Hubert Rogers: A Brief Appreciation,” by Robert Weinberg
  • “Hubert Rogers in the Pulps, 1926-1956,” by John Bell
  • “A Bibliography of Pulp Illustrations by Hubert Rogers,” by Tom Roberts

Film Focus

  • “From Pulp to the Silver Screen, 2009,” by Ed Hulse

First book publication

Trade paperback / 138 pages

Cover art by H.J. Ward.

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