Windy City Pulp Stories No.10 by Tom Roberts (editor)


A collection of articles related to the origins and history of the magazine Adventure.

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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Adventure.

A must have collectible for anyone who appreciates the pulp magazine era and its history!



  • “Forgotten Giant: Hoffmann’s Adventure,” by Richard Bleiler
  • “Walt Coburn’s Fiction for Adventure,” by Mike Chomko
  • “Captain of Adventure” Luigi Caradosso by Frank D. McSherry, Jr.
  • “Scobee’s Mountain,” by Kurt Shoemaker
  • “Harold Lamb’s Heroes of Adventure,” by Frank D. McSherry, Jr.

Of Additional Interest

  • Adventure’s Creed
  • Called Adventure (trade announcement of the first issue)
  • Adventure (from 1001 Places to Sell Manuscripts, 1911)
  • “On Adventure’s Twenty-Fifth Anniversary,” by Arthur Sullivant Hoffmann
  • No.1 Pulp
  • “Adventure’s Editorial Demands,” by August Lenniger
  • “Adventure Gets a Move On,” by Jack Hunter
  • “Arthur Sullivant Hoffmann,” (a 1915 biography) by Bertram S. Stephenson
  • “The Stories Editors Buy and Why,” (1921) by Arthur Sullivant Hoffmann

Award Recognition

  • “2009 Munsey Award Winner Bill Thom,” by Tom Roberts

Special Fiction Section

  • “In a Fog Bank,” by Fredrick William Wallace (from Adventure, October 1912)

Film Focus

  • “From Pulp to the Silver Screen, 2010,” by Ed Hulse

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Trade paperback / 126 pages

Cover art by Walter M. Baumhofer

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