Windy City Pulp Stories No.11 by Tom Roberts (editor)


The 80th anniversary of Popular Publications

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Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Popular Publications.

A must have collectible for anyone who appreciates the pulp magazine era and its history!



  • “An Interview With Harry Steeger,” by Nils Hardin
  • “G-8—Flying Spy of the Pulps,” by Sidney H. Bradd
  • “Who Wrote Operator #5,” by Robert Weinberg and Joel Freiman
  • “G-8 Versus Stahlmakse,” by Nick Carr
  • “Jumping Jimmy Christopher,” by Dean A. Grennell
  • “Shirley Steeger Remembers,” by Shirley Steeger
  • “How Dusty Ayers Was Born,” by Robert Sidney Bowen
  • “Meeting Mr. Steeger,” by Norman Saunders
  • “Captain Satan,” by Dean A. Grennell
  • “The Popular Publications Collectibles,” by Tom Roberts and Chris Kalb
  • “Pulp Reflections,” by Bruno Fischer

Of Additional Interest

  • Goldsmith and Steeger Incorporate (trade journal announcement)
  • Popular Publications Announce (trade journal announcement)
  • “The Popular Publications Magazines,” by August Lenniger
  • “A Day at Popular Publications, 1940,” by Tom Roberts
  • “Six of a Chain,” by August Lenniger

Award Recognition

  • 2010 Munsey Award Winner Mike Chomko

Film Focus

  • “From Pulp to the Silver Screen, 2011,” by Ed Hulse

First book publication

Trade paperback / 148 pages

Cover art by Raphael DeSoto.


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

“One of the best publications about pulp magazines available.”

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