Wolves of the Wind by Frederick Nebel


Sky High Tales of Adventure

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The saga of Garrison Airways continues with unbounded exhilaration by those who ride on the wings of adventure.

The Black Dog Books Frederick Nebel Library, Volume 5

  • Skyrocket Scott—The arrival of Bill Scott to Southern waters plays an important role in the battle for Whitesand Island, establishing Garrison Airways as an air power in the South Seas.
  • Wolves of the Wind—Skies are blackened when threats from pirates of the air prompt Garrison Airways to arm their planes and a private war erupts for supremacy of the skylanes.
  • Boomerang Barnes—Barnes is sent to protect the air station on Sundown Island only to find it deserted. What has happened to the work crew? A new enemy rears its ugly head and stolen diamonds fuel an island-hopping treasure hunt.
  • Sky Spoilers—Racketeers of the sky unleash a series of raids on the Island trading stations, demanding a cut of the profits. Caraway is thrust into the middle of the savage battle—only to find himself branded as a racketeer, too!

Edited and with an introduction by Tom Roberts.


First book publication

Trade paperback / 208 pages

Cover art by Stockton Mulford


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

1—”Tropical island air adventures with plenty of action.  . . . Air pirates , hidden treasure, and plenty of daring do in each of the tales.  . . . Great introduction to the times of which these stories were written is included.”

2—”But take it from me: many, many thrills await you here and I am confident you will not be disappointed.”

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