Women Are that Way by David H. Keller, MD


The collected “Amy Worth” stories

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Praise for the work of David H. Keller

“His tales are convincing . . . and memorable.”—Capital Times

“. . . powerful.”—Everett Bleiler

Descend into a world of depravity and glimpse into the most bizarre tales imaginable, showcasing Keller as a master of psychological horror.

Who would kidnap thirty-three pathetic microcephalons—and for what perverse goal?

Is the ancient axe truly cursed? Will its new owner be forced to re-enact a tragic past?

What strange magic allows the beautiful showgirl to maintain her youth and beauty for decades for a lustful audience?

Why did Johnson falsely report to police that he had brutally murdered his spouse?

What final inconvenience did the ungrateful husband cause for his domineering wife?

Obsession, prostitution, transvestitism, abuse of women and the frustrations of sexual desire are dragged to the forefront in these shocking tales as Dr. David H. Keller draws upon his extensive background as a clinical psychiatrist to probe the darker side of the human psyche.

Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie.


  • (Introduction) Amy Worth—The Darker Side of Dr. Keller by Gene Christie
  • Eight, Sixty-Seven
  • The Garnet Mine
  • A 1950 Marriage
  • Mr. Summer’s Adventure
  • Twin Beds
  • The Virgin
  • The Turn of the Wheel
  • The Lonely Lady of the Third Floor
  • A Serious Error
  • The Third Generation
  • Women Are That way
  • Telephone
  • The Mystery of the 33 Stolen Idiots
  • The Headsman
  • On the Beezer
  • A Piece of Linoleum
  • The Tomcat Reforms

Appendix—The Early Works of David H. Keller

  • Aunt Martha
  • A Phenomenon of the Stars
  • Judge Not
  • The Silent One
  • A University Story
  • The Birth of a Soul
  • A Three-Linked Tale
  • The Winning of the Bride
  • The Great American Pie House
  • Mother Newhouse
  • The Greatness of Duval

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 176 pages

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