For more than twenty years, Black Dog Books (BDB) has been the premier small press publisher of vintage fiction. Launched in 1997 with a string of adventure-related publications, BDB expanded to encompass mystery, science fiction, horror and western genre works into its line of titles.

Many rare and previously unavailable stories have been brought to book form by authors such as Sax Rohmer, Seabury Quinn, Lester Dent, Tod Robbins, Talbot Mundy, Frederick Nebel, Norvell Page, Ray Cummings, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many others, keeping this style of fiction accessible and alive for generations to come.

While other competing publishers are focused on assembly-line methods of cranking out as many mediocre titles as possible at a breakneck pace, BDB has remained committed to its high quality standards of carefully selected and developed projects, expertly edited and crafted to provide both insight and enjoyment to consumers. The high number of praising reviews verifies this.

Our list of contributors is second to none, and includes numerous award-winning authors and scholars. Some of our past contributors include F. Paul Wilson, Bill Pronzini, Robert Weinberg, James Reasoner, Bill Crider, Robert J. Randisi, Gerry Conway, and Will Murray.

When you buy BDB you know you are getting the best!