Beyond the Pole and Other Weird Fantasies by Philip M. Fisher


Journey into worlds unknown.

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Journey into worlds unknown and discover bizarre happenings in these eleven unforgettable tales.

Encounter a strange race of Sargasso Sea-like weed men; ship out on a vessel that sails into a weird magnetic fog and electrical dampening zone; battle against a madman that can put the world in total darkness; journey by dirigible to the North Pole to investigate strange happenings and more as Black Dog Books presents the first collection of the weird fantasy stories of Philip M. Fisher.

With an introduction by weird fiction authority and anthologist Stefan Dziemianowicz.

Selected and edited by Gene Christie.


  • Introduction by┬áStefan Dziemianowicz
  • The Demise of Professor Manried
  • Queer
  • The Strange Case of Lemuel Jenkins
  • The Ship of Silent Men (novelette)
  • The Master of Black (novelette)
  • Into His Work
  • Worlds Within Worlds (short novel)
  • Lights
  • The Devil of the Western Sea (novelette)
  • Fungus Isle (novelette)
  • Beyond the Pole (novelette)

First book publication

Trade paperback / 332 pages

Cover design by Tom Roberts.

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