Dying Comes Hard by James P. Olsen


The Collected Cases of Hard Guy Dallas Duane

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They don’t call him Hard Guy for nothin’!

James P. Olsen writing as James A. Lawson

Into the rough and tumble oil fields of Texas and the American southwest of the 1930s comes Dallas Duane, troubleshooter, freelance private dick and undercover investigator for the oil companies.

“Hard and fast” is his motto! Watch as he works his way in and out of trouble—both with the wildcatters and wild women—knuckling a path through a series of bank robberies and payroll heists, murder and corrupt officials, crooked gambling and haunted graveyards.

Here, for the first time are assembled the complete adventures of “Hard Guy” Dallas Duane, two-fisted troubleshooter!

The appendix includes a nonfiction article about the wildcat oil booms of the Texas region that Olsen covered as a newspaper reporter.

With an introduction by award-winning author James Reasoner.

Edited by Tom Roberts.


  • Introduction by James Reasoner
  • Hard Guy
  • Hard And Blind
  • Dying Comes Hard
  • I Can Be Hard
  • Hard to Take
  • The Hard Way
  • A Hard Guy to Frame
  • Hard to Resist
  • Hard Wind
  • Ghosts Are Hard To Catch
  • Hard Money
  • Hard Hoofing
  • Homicide is Hard to Hide
  • Hard Rocks
  • Hard to Hook
  • Hard to Poison
  • Hard Guy—C.O.D
  • Hard-Boiled Hawkshaw
  • Hard Luck
  • A Hard End


  • Oil Fields (nonfiction)

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 266 pages

Cover art by H.J. Ward

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