Hell’s Hoofprints by Lester Dent


The Complete Western Trails Tales of Lester Dent

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Before Lester Dent began to chronicle the exploits of Doc Savage, he produced scores of novels, shorter fiction and articles spanning the range of pulp fiction genres—tales of two-fisted action, mysteries, aviation adventures, war stories, romances—and westerns. The majority of the latter appeared in Western Trails in 1932 and 1933. For the first time, Hell’s Hoofprints collects the 18 complete works of Lester Dent from that magazine, including his fiction, articles, vignettes and letters to readers—with a bonus story written for Western Trails but never appearing there.

With an introduction by historian Will Murray, this book of previously uncollected material is a welcomed addition for all fans of Lester Dent.


  • Introduction by Will Murray
  • Dusty Trant—Road Agent
  • Gunslick Roundup
  • The Sudden-Disaster gent
  • The Gun Quest
  • Hell’s Hoofprints
  • Fear Ranch
  • Trigger Trap
  • The Devil’s Ear
  • The Haunted Saddle
  • Trickery Trail
  • Frozen Phantom
  • Snow Ghost

Appendix A

  • Death Cache (A bonus Silver Corporal story)

Appendix B (Articles)

  • Hogleg Facts
  • Ridin’ Signs
  • Bronc Twisting
  • Cold Facts

Appendix C (Letters to Western Trails)

  • April 1932
  • June 1932
  • June 1932

Appendix D

  • From Lester Dent’s notebook—Story submission records


Cover art by Walter M. Baumhofer

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