Old Sails by Captain A.E. Dingle


Tales of Adventure at Sea

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Thrilling tales of adventure at sea!

From cabin boy to able seaman to Master Mariner, Captain A. E. Dingle worked ships under both sail and steam. Upon leaving the seas, Dingle turned to penning works of fiction, soon becoming a marquee writer of adventure stories during the pulp magazine era. Drawing heavily upon his real-life experiences, his fiction often captures the frailness of human life against the raw power of Mother Nature.

This first major collection of Dingle’s work in more than 70 years brings together 12 stories, a short autobiography, plus a thrilling memoir of how the author sailed single-handedly through a hurricane.


  • The Light House on Little Hope
  • Piracy
  • Recognition
  • The Rusty Cutlass
  • Water
  • The Burden Paternal
  • Doc
  • The Killer
  • The Siren’s Swan Song
  • Old Sails
  • Tree Palms Cay
  • The Grain Ships


  • The Hurricane’s Rival (1925 nonfiction article)
  • A brief autobiographical sketch by the author, 1925
  • A bibliography of written works of Captain A. E. Dingle by Tom Roberts

First book publication

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Print edition—A Five Star review on Amazon.

“I love this collection. Hard to put down short stories. Engaging, thrilling, heartfelt, you name it. A great classic.”

Kindle edition—A Four Star review on Amazon.

“I have enjoyed these stories very much. I’m an ex-Navy man and have always enjoyed this type of tale. They are authentic . . . Capt’n Dingle knows how to tell a ripping good yarn.”

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