Outlaws of the Sun: And Other Tales to Astound by Victor Rousseau


Classic science fiction and fantasy.

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“He achieved a distinction many writers would envy today.”—Arthur C. Clarke

“A writer of considerable reputation in the field.” —Lester del Rey

Across the vast reaches of space stretch these spirited works of classic science fiction and speculative fantasy from Victor Rousseau, author of The Messiah of the Cylinder and Draft of Eternity.

  • The Atom Smasher

A blinding light, the frantic oscillation of the Atom Smasher— and two innocents are plunged into the awful nothingness of the fifth dimension, where neither space nor time exists, only a sense of death, awful and indescribable. Will these innocents be sacrificed upon the altar of science? Only inventor Tode can decide.

  • Revolt on Inferno

Banished from Earth and sent to a doomed planet, fifty men—and one woman—find themselves condemned to a fate worse than death!

  • The Beetle Horde

Only two adventurers stand in the way of Bram’s horrible revenge—unleashing an armada of man-sized beetles upon a defenseless world.

  • Outlaws of the Sun

Transported to Circe, outermost of the planets, three intrepid explorers fall victim to the designs of a mad scientist.

These and other works are sure to astonish and entertain!

Edited and with an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Foreword by Morgan Wallace.


  • (Foreword) Soul Revival by Morgan Wallace
  • (Introduction) T Minus Four Minutes . . . by Tom Roberts
  • Revolt on Inferno
  • The Lord of Space
  • The Atom Smasher
  • Outlaws of the Sun
  • Moon Patrol
  • The Invisible Death
  • The Beetle Horde
  • The Wall of Doom

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 346 pages

Cover art by Howard V. Brown.


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