Paths of Fire by Albert Richard Wetjen


Set sail for daring adventure.

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Lovers of exotic adventure will welcome this new collection. Filled with excitement and clever drama, these stories cover murder, intrigue, stolen pearls, gun smuggling, mutiny and a fight for treasure!

Albert Richard Wetjen has been compared to John Masefield, while the O. Henry Awards said “he is in direct line of succession to Joseph Conrad.”

As a writer of sea stories, Wetjen was equally adept at penning fiction for the Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s and Good Housekeeping, while also catering to readers in Blue Book, Adventure and Action Stories.

Wetjen left home at age thirteen for a life at sea, carrying on the traditions of his sailing forefathers. These stories vividly display his intimate knowledge of the habits of sailors.

But this collection is more than just a chronicle of man’s struggle against the relentless sea. Grim humor, pathos and tragedy are skillfully blended to make Paths of Fire entertaining from cover to cover.

With a biographical introduction by Tom Roberts.


  • (Introduction) Before the Coming of the Shark by Tom Roberts
  • Gun-Running
  • The Holding of the Rasmus
  • Under the Southern Cross
  • The Boomerang
  • Treasure of the Sacrament
  • Exit
  • East of the Solomons
  • The Killer
  • Paths of Fire
  • Crimson Shells
  • Pearl Fever
  • The Last Cruise of the Fuschia Tuan

Appendix A (Autobiographical)

  • Life Stranger Than Fiction

Appendix B (Verse)

  • Storm
  • The Eternal Feminine
  • Glut of the Sea
  • Reversion
  • The Unknown Soldier
  • The Wreck of the Bengal Pride
  • Man Stuff

Appendix C (Nonfiction)

  • Socialism is Defended
  • People Crave the Forbidden


First book publication.

Trade paperback / 322 pages.

Cover art by Hubert Rogers.

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