Peter the Brazen by George F. Worts

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A thrilling novel of mystery and intrigue in the Far East.

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First time in paperback!

Peter Moore, wireless operator of the Vandalia, notices strange happenings onboard ship. What do these strange radio messages mean? Who is it that cries for help?

In trying to find out the answers suddenly Peter finds himself thrust into the underworld clutches of a Chinese crime lord as he travels into “The City of Stolen Lives,” tastes from “The Bitter Fountain” and barely escapes “The Green Death,” all in the pursuit of a beautiful woman!



Peter the Brazen

  • Part I—The City of Stolen Lives
  • Part II—-The Bitter Fountain
  • Part III—The Green Death
  • A short autobiographical sketch by George F. Worts


Cover art by Laurence Herndon.

Trade paperback / 206 pages

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