South of Sulu by George F. Worts


The adventures of Singapore Sammy.

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First time in book form!

Follow Singapore Sammy on a string of thrilling adventures all the while in pursuit of his evasive father.

  • Watch as he outfoxes the Maharajah of Malobar to win the Blue Fire Pearl.
  • Enjoy how he gets his revenge on Armand de Silvio, a crooked dealer of pearls and diamonds.
  • See how Sammy manhandles Big Nick Stark, smuggler, blackbirder, island trader, and “the toughest egg south of Shanghai.”
  • Laugh as he steals a war elephant, and uses it to capture a fabled pink elephant, which is to be given to the King of Siam.
  • Sammy again encounters his rogue father and squares off against him in a race to recover a sunken treasure!


  • The Blue Fire Pearl
  • Cobra
  • South of Sulu
  • The Pink Elephant
  • Octopus


  • A short autobiographical sketch by George F. Worts

Cover art by George J. Rozen

Trade paperback / 176 pages


A Four Star review on Amazon.

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