Terror, Inc. by Lester Dent


The Weird Mysteries of Lester Dent

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  • When a series of gruesome corpses is discovered entombed in its freshly-paved streets, a city is cloaked in a bloody shroud of terror . . .
  • All Hollywood lives in dread as The Spark, a mysterious super-villain, launches a killing spree using inexplicable methods . . .
  • A metropolis is invaded by an unstoppable invisible horde of ruthless killers bent on domination . . .

These are but some of the weird mysteries encountered in Terror, Inc. Six fear-wrapped novellas of detection from the author of Doc Savage! With an introduction by Will Murray.



  • Introduction by Will Murray
  • Terror, Inc.
  • The Devil’s Cargo
  • The Invisible Horde
  • The Whistling Death
  • The Cavern of Heads
  • Murder Street

Appendix A

  • A gallery of cover and interior art
  • About the author


First book publication.

Cover art by Norman Saunders

Trade paperback / 210 pages



Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

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