The Adventures of Jehannum Smith by Gordon MacCreagh


Journey into the land of the Rajahs . . .

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Journey into the land of the Rajahs . . .

When the British government has a touchy problem to solve, it calls on that living legend among the British constabulary, Jehannum Smith, the two-fisted adventurer and explorer. From rival sultans to foreign intrigue, from investigating rumors of a fabled tribe of pygmy woodsmen to extracting a lost scientist deep in the jungles, no problem is too big or too small for Smith to discretely handle.

The Adventures of Jehannum Smith is the first book collection of fiction by Gordon MacCreagh, explorer, author and adventurer who led a famous 1927 expedition in search of the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

With a long introduction by Tom Roberts, presenting the case that Gordon MacCreagh was the true inspiration for the movie hero, Indiana Jones.


  •  (Introduction) We Named the Dog “Indiana” by Tom Roberts
  • “Jehnannum” Smith
  • Durga the Unapproachable
  • Worshippers of Boondi
  • Tact and Some Diplomacy
  • Naked Men of Naga

First book publication

Trade paperback / 195 pages

Cover art by Laurence Herndon


A  review on Pulpflakes.

“These yarns have plenty of local color, humor and well written action that seem to be made for the movies. If you’re a fan of pulp action, you should definitely check this out.”

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