The Dragoman’s Revenge Otis Adelbert Kline


The complete adventures of the Dragoman

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Ho! Come and sit with me in the coffee shop of Silat and listen as I, Hamed the Dragoman recount for you my many adventures: of loves won and lost; of fortunes made and spent; of how I tempted the hand of fate many times and incurred the wrath of Sultans to live and tell my tales. Come and listen my friend. You will not be disappointed.


  • Introduction by Doug Ellis
  • The Man Who Limped
  • The Dragoman’s Revenge
  • The Dragoman’s Secret
  • The Dragoman’s Slave Girl
  • The Dragoman’s Confession
  • The Dragoman’s Pilgrimage


  • The Dragoman’s Jest (with E. Hoffman Price).

First book publication

Trade paperback / 212 pages

Cover art by J. Allan St. John


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

“Of the Kline stories that I have read the Dragoman’s were in my opinion some of the best written.”

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