Fundamentals of Fiction Writing by Arthur Sullivant Hoffmann

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A veteran editor tells how to write fiction that sells.


“An excellent book.” —Bookman

“Editorially Mr. Hoffman speaks; categorically too. You will be interested.”—Boston Transcript

“Hoffman’s book, intended, as he explains, for the average writer, is of more practical value to more persons than any other book on its subject I have ever seen.”—NY Tribune

Additional praise for Arthur Sullivant Hoffman’s “Fiction Writers on Fiction Writing”

“Of the many books advising and counseling as to the writing of fiction, this one stands out possessed of peculiar interest and value. For it embodies the first attempt yet made to apply the modern scientific, laboratory method to literary production.”—The New York Times Book Review

As valuable a resource today as when it first appeared, Hoffman’s “Fundamentals of Fiction Writing” offers instructions and advice on improving your fiction. As a veteran editor of more then twenty years, Hoffman brings his gifted insight and experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes most commonly found in fiction.

A must-have for both the seasoned professional and the aspiring beginner!

First time in paperback.

Trade paperback / 135 pages.

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