The Python Pit by George F. Worts


The Return of Singapore Sammy

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Singapore Sammy returns in this series of four thrilling adventure novels by one of the most popular writers of the all-fiction era.

  • Sapphires and Suckers

Buying a sapphire mine proves more of a nuisance than it is worth for Singapore Sammy Shay and Lucky Jones. When they uncover a new deposit of the precious stone, the pair are suddenly up to their elbows in blue clay and trouble!

  • The Python Pit

“Never trust a woman.” Sammy quickly forgets that adage when he and Lucky Jones are enticed to transport Sally Lavender on the Blue Goose to somewhere east of the Celebs, to the shunned isle of Konga, shunned because it is inhabited with headhunters—and ghosts!

  • The Isle of the Meteor

A forgotten chart provides Sammy a clue as the location of an island in the South Seas that centuries ago was struck by an enormous meteorite of solid gold. Cooking up a scheme to acquire these untold riches, Sammy embarks to locate the island—only to discover that the gold is not simply for the taking.

  • A Whisker of Buddha

Singapore Sammy and Lucky Jones are hired to steal a revered whisker of the Buddha himself from a well-guarded temple in the Cambodian interior. Word of their quest gets out; quickly a race is on to see which pursuing party will acquire the sacred object first.


With an introduction by Rick Lai.

Cover art by Paul Stahr

Trade paperback / 210 pages



Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

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